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Amercian Guild of Judaic Art

Why I’m a member of the American Guild of Judaic Art


Ten years ago, I received an email that changed my life. It began like this, “I saw your work on the Guild of American Judaic Art website and I wondered if you would be interested in creating a piece of artwork for our Synagogue?”

That email and subsequent commissions from that first project, opened up a new direction to my Judaic art career. I have the AGJA to thank for that. I’ve enjoyed 10 years of steady commissions through word of mouth, good references and the help of many kind and generous people.

I believe that creating Jewish Art is a true labor of love based on traditions that go back thousands of years. I approach each project by asking myself “how can I instill the concept of Hiddur Mitzvah and holiness into my artwork?”  The answers always come to me through interactions with other artists, clergy, lay leaders and other dedicated people who care deeply about enhancing Jewish life with art.

The people I have met, the friends I have made and the artworks I have installed all over the country have given me more joy than I could ever have imagined.

Membership in the Guild has offered me a sense of belonging to a community of other professional artists who generously share ideas and opportunities.  I encourage all of the present members to renew their memberships and find other professionals with a love of Jewish Art to join as well. I believe the more you share your art, the more joy and success will come back to you.

And you never know…by being a member of Guild, you’ll have the opportunity to receive that life changing email too!!

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