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Letterpress Invitations….reviving a fine art

      My Mom always used to say ” what goes around , comes around.”  And that saying still holds true. I recently rummaged through my old college portfolios to look at  pages I had printed using the letterpress technique.  I still have an  obsolete tool  called a type stick which I  used  in one  of […]

Jewish Council for the Aging of Greater Washington

Jewish Council for the Aging Donor Recognition Project Artist Statement Bonnie Cohen                                                                            June 10, 2011  “Youth is a gift of nature. Age is a work of art”.  The Jewish Council for the Aging offers services to improve the lives of thousands of seniors in the greater Washington area. Their slogan “helping seniors thrive” describes their […]

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Summa Hospital Palliative Care Unit

I recently received these wonderful photos by Linda Domokur of Domokur Architects. They were the architects for the Summa Palliative Care Unit  where I had the opportunity to create a donor recognition project called ” The Ripple Effect”.    I still receive  comments from people who have visited loved ones on the floor or doctors, nurses or volunteers who […]

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“Age is a Work of Art”

    The New York Times has been publishing a series of  articles about Centenarians and their secrets to  longevity. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/19/health/19brody.html?src=me&ref=health. One article  about  Mrs. Tuttle (99) states that “only about 20 to 30 percent of longevity is genetically determined. Lifestyle seems to be the more dominant factor. As Mrs. Tuttle said in clarion tones […]

An Inspiring Couple

There’s a Jewish folk tale about an artist searching for the most beautiful scene in the world to paint. He leaves his wife and children to travel to far away lands in search of his inspiring scene. After a year of searching with no success, he reluctantly decides he must return home. He approaches his […]

A New Year Tradition

Lots of birds have been  visiting our backyard lately but it’s  my ” bird challahs” that have  taken over my kitchen !  Every year I make about 18-25 round egg breads with birds on top to give away and enjoy for the Jewish New Year. The challahs  are made in a round shape to symbolize continuity and the […]

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Amercian Guild of Judaic Art

Why I’m a member of the American Guild of Judaic Art   Ten years ago, I received an email that changed my life. It began like this, “I saw your work on the Guild of American Judaic Art website and I wondered if you would be interested in creating a piece of artwork for our Synagogue?” […]


B’Seder This is now my favorite Hebrew word. It means OK. Israelis were on their cell phones constantly. Whether they were ordering cabs, organizing our work schedules, meal  plans and everything else. The word “b’seder” was repeated over and over. When the conversation turned to politics though, it was clear that everything was not b’seder. […]