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Pavarotti, Zuchinna, and a Birthday Mosaic

My cousins took such good care of me. It was a pleasure to spend time with them and some of their kids. My cousin Erele was celebrating her birthday during my visit , so since she’s a budding mosaic artist, we spent the morning on her balcony in her well organized studio making a mosaic […]

L’Dor V’ Dor- Generation to Generation

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pick the most  interesting person from your family history and spend a day with that person? This is the opportunity I had on this trip. My cousins took me to Kibbutz Ruhama to visit my great Uncle David. He’s the 97 year old, brother of […]

It’s a local call

Dalit is so strong and fearless. She does all of her installations herself. Ronit helped us prepare the wall with mastic and then we fit together  all the pieces of the mosaic which included 12 panels from our students from Akron. Dena ( artist from Toledo) videotaped the entire process. In about 4 hours, it was up!!! Dalit […]

“I wish there will be peace in the world….”

” Shalom From Akron”- Working in Dalit’s Studio We worked with 6th graders from the school in Regba. The students were polite, very hard-working, and lots of fun. After explaining the project, they came up with their own designs for the border to go all the way around the design. I showed them all the […]

Shalom from Nahariya

We had a wonderful first day of touring Acco, meeting the other 6 artists and preparing our ” fence festival” project for tomorrow. The people are all wonderful. We have our own guide to take care of our every need and then also the staff from the partnership is making sure we are feasting on […]

Not the kind of papercut that hurts!

It’s a Jewish papercut for a Ketubah, a Jewish wedding contract that is signed before the wedding ceremony. This colorful, joyous design reflects the personalities and unique interests of the  wonderful bride and groom. It was created using  many layers of hand cut archival papers, handmade papers, gold leaf, acrylic paints and hand written Hebrew […]