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May 2 , Planting for Peace

The ” Planting for Peace” community Lag B’ omer  program was a great success. All who attended had a meaningful and educational experience thanks to our wonderful volunteers. I was proud to be a member of our caring and thoughtful  Beth El Congregation. May 2   Garden Dedication Remarks The theme for today is Planting. […]


Planting For Peace

The first mosaic panels are complete! The Eighth Grade Class from  The Lippman  School along with teachers Sarah Greenblatt and Karen Halpern worked in my studio yesterday to  finish their mosaic panels to take to Israel next Wednesday. They will be the first students to share their  mosaic art with students of the Western Galillee. […]

Finding Inspiration

Walking a child down the aisle for a wedding is a highpoint in every parent’s life. Until you’ve actually experienced it, you can’t imagine what it feels like .Watching a child grow up to be a good, kind and happy person and find a soul mate to share life with is an extraordinary blessing and […]

Another Installation Adventure

” It really looks like it belongs here. ”  That’s what one of the congregants said to me when the installation of my artwork was complete.That’s the best compliment anyone can give me. The donor wall was designed to enhance the entryway of Ahavath Torah Synagogue in Englewood, New Jersey and to honor the generous […]

A Studio Tradition

It’s hard to let go of  artwork that I’ve labored over for months. Once it’s shipped and  installed in another location, I almost  never see it again.  When I  started creating large installtions, I  began a tradition of  baking some of my favorite recipes and inviting a few friends  to my studio to take a look at […]

Temple Beth El

This Donor Recognition Wall was commissioned by Temple Beth El of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It’s 13 panels symbolize the idea that many different people come together to form a congregation. Hand-sculpted tiles and luminous recycled glass mosaics illustrate Jacob’s Ladder.


The Rose Blumkin Home Omaha, Nebraska

From Ozzie Nogg’s article in the Omaha Jewish News:
In addition to Maggie Conti and Rabbi Weiss, Blumkin Home staff who helped with the tile project include Mary Heiman, Linda Fitzgerald and Adrienne Kitagawa, Activity Directors; Rick France and Mary Ann Blair, Activities Assistants; and Lois Wine, Volunteer Coordinator. “I think visitors will stop in their tracks when they see these meaningful additions to the Home,” Conti said. “Each small piece represents a part of the Blumkin community. They are truly living walls.”