Defining “Fine Art”

By definition, fine art is visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for beauty and meaningfulness.

When I applied to college I had to make a choice between becoming a fine artist or a designer .

I chose the design route and focused on a curriculum that taught me how to work with specific limitations to create the most beautiful and functional designs.

Early in my career as an art director, my job was to generate creative ideas to convey a client’s message. There were always limitations such as budgets, materials, size and space. The challenge for me, and every designer, is to work with limitations and create a beautiful, meaningful solution.

My newest project for the Greentree School illustrates this concept of merging fine art with good design.  The project included the typical limitations of budget, space, time and materials that come with creating a piece of art for a public space. Many options were presented and multiple revisions had to be made to coordinate with the architect, the school leadership, the interior designer and the signage designer. The school’s thoughtful and clear goal of honoring their donors and inspiring their students was the number one priority and my job was to create an inspring piece of fine art that (hopefully) will inspire students, teachers and donors for years to come.

The mosaic panels are en route to Welch Signage who will install the entire wall in Philadelphia in the coming weeks and I will post photos of the finished wall. See the schools link below.

Is it fine art or design? If the students, teachers , donors and administation enjoy the artwork and are inpspired by the message…. then I think it will be both!

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