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“Elegant, Happy and Inspiring”

Temple Beth Rishon SchoolBeth Rishon in Wyckoff, New Jersey was the location for my most recent project. Their wonderful committee requested a design that was “elegant, happy and inspiring” for the entryway of their new education wing. The design challenge was to create a design that would be interesting and fun for the students and still honor the incredible generosity of the donors in an elegant way.

Beginning with  the Jewish quote ” As my parents planted for me , so do I plant for for my children” I created a sculptural, dimensional tree design and the Welch Architectural Signage company figured out how to  beautifully detail the framing and tree trunk that frames  my mosaic art. The artwork is made from a combination of handmade tiles and recycled glass tiles. Each dimensional leaf on the tree represents one of the seven days of creation. There are small  handmade tiles that depict  nature images like flowers , fish,animals, stars and other Judaic symbols that children will be able to enjoy discovering.

This was a great collaborative partnership between the committee, the signage company and me. Kathy Davis, the project manager at Welch made sure we all communicated right from the beginning and, as usual, every detail was meticulously well thought out.  As you can see from the comments below, the dedication  ceremony inspired more donations!!

I hope the artwork will continue to be enjoyed and inspire generosity for the Temple Beth Rishon family!


“I really don’t know what to say except – wow and thank you!  Our expectations on the recognition wall you designed, executed and installed have been far exceeded.  It is just beautiful. Everyone that sees it is just blown away by its elegance.  The dedication plaque and letters are perfect.  I remember saying to you that we wanted something elegant, happy, and inspiring and that is exactly what we got.”

from Temple Beth Rishon, Wyckoff, NJ


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