Finalist in the 2014 Eco Arts Awards Competition


Eco Arts Awards announces the Top Ten winners of its third annual competition. Among the 2014 winners in four categories are familiar names along with many up-and-coming international artists whose careers are on the rise.

Mosaic artist Bonnie Cohen of Akron, Ohio was one of the ten finalists in the “Repurposed Materials in Art and Design” Category. Cohen’s mosaic artwork “Pillar of Light” was designed to be the focal point of a new chapel for Beth El Synagogue. The twenty five foot high, shimmering mosaic enhances the serenity of the sacred space and encourages spiritual reflection and personal prayer.

Cohen created the design using thousands of pieces of iridescent, recycled glass. Bathed in natural light from a skylight above and framed by a view of the sky and trees, the reflective glass takes on a different aura each season of the year and each hour of the day inspiring the congregational community to reflect upon the beauty of nature.

Scattered throughout the “Pillar of Light” are shards of vintage stained glass from the congregation’s original location creating an inspiring spiritual connection from one generation to the next–emphasizing the importance of preserving our environment for generations to come.

Eco Arts Awards encourage and recognize ecological thematic excellence in the arts. Another aspect of its mission is to expand the meaning of ecology to include social justice.

Eco Arts Awards founder, Kathryn Edwards, learned that being green includes the notion of how people treat each other in the grand context of the welfare of the world. Edwards, firmly believes that the ecological/environmental movement needs an ongoing boost from the arts to increase and stabilize its awareness in culture.

Eco Arts Awards now curates a comprehensive collection of ecologically themed art in influential mediums such as film, photography, literature, music, fine art and repurposed materials in art & design. The work is showcased on the website
Four categories of art were judged: Repurposed Materials in Art & Design; Fine Art; Literature; and Songwriting.

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