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Walking a child down the aisle for a wedding is a highpoint in every parent’s life. Until you’ve actually experienced it, you can’t imagine what it feels like .Watching a child grow up to be a good, kind and happy person and find a soul mate to share life with is an extraordinary blessing and I had the added joy of being able to create the ketubah for the occasion. It was a true labor of love and I enjoyed every second of the process.

Since this was my first ketubah, I had to practice for weeks to perfect my Hebrew Calligraphy skills. This was something I’ve always wanted to attempt. Ever since my first calligraphy class in college, with master calligrapher, Arnold Bank, I’ve had a passion for calligraphy. It’s  kind of a lost art today and that’s a real shame. The computer can never replicate the tactile joy of feeling, seeing, smelling and hearing ink glide over a fine handmade paper.

I remembered the lessons of my first calligraphy class in college. Professor Bank would walk by every student’s drawing table correcting your posture, making sure your feet were flat on the floor, and coaxing you to sit perfectly straight. If you weren’t holding the pen correctly, he’d whack his huge metal T-square on your drawing table and scare you to death. It wasn’t unusual for a student to run out of class crying.

All of Professor Bank’s lessons helped me learn the art of Hebrew calligraphy . Only after many many weeks of practice,was I  confident enough in my lettering skills to be able to begin the design for the ketubah.

Finding my inspiration for a project isn’t always easy, but for this ketubah, the ideas flowed easily. Just seeing my son and future daughter-in- law together was an inspiration. They share their love of Judaism, tradition,family, and travel and I tried to capture their essence in the ketubah design using eighteen different symbols in an intricate Jewish papercut.

There’s a tradition to leave one letter unfinished , to be completed when the ketubah is signed prior to the wedding ceremony. What a moment that was for me. My eyes were so filled with tears of joy , I could barely see to draw that final letter.

The memory of that moment is the inspiration for my next project. Another ketubah for another wonderful couple. I’m so excited to begin the process and I look forward to sharing it. 

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