Planting For Peace

The first mosaic panels are complete!

The Eighth Grade Class from  The Lippman  School along with teachers Sarah Greenblatt and Karen Halpern worked in my studio yesterday to  finish their mosaic panels to take to Israel next Wednesday. They will be the first students to share their  mosaic art with students of the Western Galillee.

The students are going to be able to give their mosaic art to the people who I will be working with during my Artist- in- Residency in early June. This is the beginning of a yearlong sharing process with the students of the Western Gallilee . The end result will be a  permanent mosaic installation in our JCC in Akron.

A very special THANK YOU to Susan Jablon of susanjablonmosaics.com for  a wonderful generous donation of ALL the gorgoeus glass tiles for the JCC project

Artist’s Statement for Planting For Peace Project

I am involved in planning a community garden at our Synagogue to raise fresh produce for a local hunger relief organization.  So the “seed” of an idea for the Israel Artist- in- Residency started to germinate from that project.

I remember a powerful poster for peace in the 70’s showing a flower placed in the barrel of a rifle. I thought that the “flower” was the perfect universal symbol for peace. From one single seed, nurtured with love and sustenance, a seedling will sprout and grow into something beautiful and miraculous.

The message of the artwork is the idea of partnership and sharing.  We will be able to share artwork with kids in the Western Galilee and those kids will be able to send their artwork back for us to enjoy in our own JCC.  Written dialogues, videos, pen pals, friendships, websites, and of course PEACE are all possibilities!

It will be a wonderful opportunity for members of our community to share artwork, ideas, hopes and dreams; flowering mosaics all planted together for a vibrant colorful mosaic mural of peace.

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