Shalom from Nahariya

We had a wonderful first day of touring Acco, meeting the other 6 artists and preparing our ” fence festival” project for tomorrow.
The people are all wonderful. We have our own guide to take care of our every need and then also the staff from the partnership is making sure we are feasting on wonderful breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Last night we met Dalit ( the mosaic artist) and teachers and the principle from the school for the arts and had dinner in a restaurant owned by the cultural director of Acco. I don’t know what we ate but it was all delicious.  Early this morning we toured Acco with our own guide who was an art history major and went to the most amazing synagogue with mosaics from floor to ceiling representing every biblical, historical, and cultural aspect of Judaism. I just wanted them to leave me there so I could drink it all in. It took my breath away. The man in charge of the synagogue looked exactly like Uncle Simon! All of the marble and stone came from a nearby kibbutz. After another fabulous lunch we went to Kibutz Gesher Ha Ziv to hang the quilt Janice created for tomorrow’s festival. We are working with the children in a refashioned chicken coop to make soft sculpture flowers to hang on the quilt. It looked great and everyone was so delighted to see the pictures of our Akron kids on the quilt.Tonight is shabbat dinner at one of the Israeli artists house. I will try to send some pictures tomorrow.Janice is really enjoying everything too.We both feel like kids in a candy shop to be able to see everything from an artistic perpective

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