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Summa Hospital Palliative Care Unit

I recently received these wonderful photos by Linda Domokur of Domokur Architects. They were the architects for the Summa Palliative Care Unit  where I had the opportunity to create a donor recognition project called ” The Ripple Effect”.    I still receive  comments from people who have visited loved ones on the floor or doctors, nurses or volunteers who work with patients there.  Nothing is more  gratifying than knowing your artwork might brighten someones day.

“The Ripple Effect”

Artist Statement

When a single element touches a pool of water, a ripple occurs and its effect spreads across the water in all directions. Like the effect of each and every donation and like the effect of each kind gesture or word, a whole world can change from the actions of a single person.

The reflection of a graceful tree in a pool of water compliments the natural theme of the Palliative Care Unit. The donor plaques, the handmade ceramic tiles, and glass mosaic come together to form the image of a graceful tree spreading softly across the entire wall. It draws the observer closer to touch and discover hidden treasures: pressed leaves, organic textures, luminous colors, and words of inspiration embedded in the clay tiles.

The donor recognition wall allows each individual to be honored for their actions and at the same time, to be an inspiration to others, by becoming part of a peaceful, serene wall of visual and spiritual gifts.

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