A New Year Tradition

Lots of birds have been  visiting our backyard lately but it’s  my ” bird challahs” that have  taken over my kitchen !  Every year I make about 18-25 round egg breads with birds on top to give away and enjoy for the Jewish New Year. The challahs  are made in a round shape to symbolize continuity and the dove on top symbolically carries our prayers to heaven.  Here’s my recipe and with it  comes wishes to all my family and friends for a healthy and sweet new year !
Bonnie’s Bird Challahs

( A) Mixer Bowl: 5 c. Montana Sapphire Flour 3/4 c. sugar, pinch salt

(B) Large Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup: 2/3 c. oil, 4 eggs

(C) Small Pyrex Measuring Cup: 1tsp. sugar, 1/2c. warm water,  2 pkgs. rapid rise yeast

Combine sugar water and yeast and let rise for 5 minutes till bubbly.

Beat eggs and oil and add yeast mixture to large glass measuring cup. Add additional water to make liquid measure 3 cups.

Add liquid mixture to flour in mixer bowl with machine  running on low. Add up to one cup more flour as needed. Dough will be sticky. It should start coming away from the edges of the mixer bowl. Mix in machine on low for about 5 minutes.

Transfer to a large bowl, cover with a towel, and set in a warm place to rise for about 2 hours.

When dough has doubled, turn out on a floured counter and knead in  more flour  to make the dough workable. Roll out dough with a rolling pin to add raisins. Divide dough into thirds and proceed to roll three long ropes of dough. Break off three golf ball sized pieces of dough for the birds( see photos).
Place loaves on oiled baking sheets and cover to rise for another hour. Glaze with a beaten egg before baking.
Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.
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