The Rose Blumkin Home Omaha, Nebraska

This unique project was designed to enhance the environment of the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home and create an exciting permanent display of the residents artwork. There are four ceramic art panels located in each of the resident buildings. Each wall unit has a Jewish image and theme and will be framed by the handpainted tiles of all of the residents of the building. It will be a welcoming and cheerful addition to the décor and a personal artistic statement that will delight all who visit, live and work in the home.
Many of the themes and images I use in my artwork are inspired by Torah texts. My very favorite portions are those describing the building of the mishkan. The Torah describes the beautiful colors, materials and craftsmanship in great detail. The most amazing part of the mishkan story is that the Jews were not trained artisans but somehow they found the spirit within themselves to create the beautiful structure according to G-ds commandments. The residents of the RBJH may not be trained artisans either, but their hand painted images will enhance, beautify and honor their Jewish tradition and serve as an inspiration for all who are lucky enough to see their artwork.

It was my great pleasure to design this project with the valuable guidance of the administration and staff of the RBJH and the talented design and construction company Welch Architectural Signage of Portland Maine.

Many thanks to Ozzie Nogg for the great photos !!

Lippman Day School


Northshore Synagogue – Syosset, New York

Simcha Wall

Northshore Synagogue of Syosset, NY commissioned this artwork as an ongoing project for congregants to commemorate their family’s joyous occasions (simchas). I created the handmade sculpted tiles accented with 24k gold for the key design elements and the borders. The background areas are glass mosaic.

Temple Beth Ami – Rockville, Maryland

Endowment Wall

This artwork was chosen to be included in the 2009 Society of Mosaic Arts International Exhibition in the Architectural Installation Category

Summa Hospital Palliative Care Unit

Artist Statement

“The Ripple Effect”

When a single element touches a pool of water, a ripple occurs and its effect spreads across the water in all directions. Like the effect of each and every donation and like the effect of each kind gesture or word, a whole world can change from the actions of a single person.

The reflection of a graceful tree in a pool of water compliments the natural theme of the Palliative Care Unit. The donor plaques, the handmade ceramic tiles, and glass mosaic come together to form the image of a graceful tree spreading softly across the entire wall. It draws the observer closer to touch and discover hidden treasures: pressed leaves, organic textures, luminous colors, and words of inspiration embedded in the clay tiles.

The donor recognition wall allows each individual to be honored for their actions and at the same time, to be an inspiration to others, by becoming part of a peaceful, serene wall of visual and spiritual gifts.

JCC of Springfield, MA

Donor Recognition

Design Summary

A bold design solution was needed to catch the attention of everyone who enters the Springfield JCC. After seeing photographs of the space, my first impression was that the design must be clear and simple.

I approached this project as I would approach a logo design. I tried to come up with images that would be quickly and easily recognized. I used broad strokes of color and bold graphic shapes. The donor plaques would become totally integrated into the design so that the viewer is first attracted to the wall by the design and then drawn closer to discover the donor names.

I proposed a combination of tile and corian for the plaques and a concrete facing to cover the brick pattern both indoors and outdoors.

The challenge of this project was to make the design flow from outside to inside. I also had to test many different clays and glazes to make sure they could withstand the northeastern climate.