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“Age is a Work of Art”



The New York Times has been publishing a series of  articles about Centenarians and their secrets to  longevity. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/19/health/19brody.html?src=me&ref=health.

One article  about  Mrs. Tuttle (99) states that “only about 20 to 30 percent of longevity is genetically determined. Lifestyle seems to be the more dominant factor. As Mrs. Tuttle said in clarion tones that belie her advanced age: “I am blessed and I’ve worked on it. You’ve got to work, be cheerful and look for something fun to do. It’s a whole attitude.”

Each profile is remarkably inspiring and their stories force  us to consider  the choices we make in our lives. Staying active and connecting with other people   seemed to be the common thread in each of the stories.  They all volunteered, had interesting hobbies like dancing , art and yoga, and seemed outgoing and friendly. All had overcome hardships in their lives. Most of all, it seemed clear that they felt totally  responsible for their own happiness.

I have the pleasure of working on a new project for a non- profit  organization that helps seniors thrive in the Greater Washington D.C. area. The project is a donor regognition wall that will be generously funded by a gentleman who wants to pay tribute  to his late wife of 6o years.

What wonderful lessons we can learn from the older generation ! It takes hard work to be happy and that hard work is a real art in itself !!

Wishing my Mom, an inspiring artist , and most wonderful Mom a very happy 80th birthday!!!!

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May 2 , Planting for Peace

The ” Planting for Peace” community Lag B’ omer  program was a great success. All who attended had a meaningful and educational experience thanks to our wonderful volunteers. I was proud to be a member of our caring and thoughtful  Beth El Congregation.

May 2   Garden Dedication Remarks

The theme for today is Planting.


We are not only planting seeds in our community garden to help others but we are also planting kindness in our actions by working peacefully together.


We are making ourselves more aware of people less fortunate than we are.


We are planting awareness of our environment and making  making our world a better place to live.


We are growing food for the hungry; we are recycling to save our environment; we are knitting blankets to keep families warm; we are creating beautiful artwork to send to halfway around the world where people’s lives are not always peaceful.


This community garden inspired a mosaic art project called “Planting for Peace.”   This project gives us the opportunity to share artwork with people of the Western Galilee region of Israel in our sister city of Acco.

Our artwork and our messages of peace help us share kind thoughts and beautiful artwork in a part of the world where kindness between people is not always evident.


Our Torah teaches us to “Love your neighbor as yourself”


It is starting right here. It is starting with just one person reaching out to another. We are planting the seeds for a better world.

We are Planting for Peace



The Rose Blumkin Home Omaha, Nebraska

This unique project was designed to enhance the environment of the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home and create an exciting permanent display of the residents artwork. There are four ceramic art panels located in each of the resident buildings. Each wall unit has a Jewish image and theme and will be framed by the handpainted tiles of all of the residents of the building. It will be a welcoming and cheerful addition to the décor and a personal artistic statement that will delight all who visit, live and work in the home.
Many of the themes and images I use in my artwork are inspired by Torah texts. My very favorite portions are those describing the building of the mishkan. The Torah describes the beautiful colors, materials and craftsmanship in great detail. The most amazing part of the mishkan story is that the Jews were not trained artisans but somehow they found the spirit within themselves to create the beautiful structure according to G-ds commandments. The residents of the RBJH may not be trained artisans either, but their hand painted images will enhance, beautify and honor their Jewish tradition and serve as an inspiration for all who are lucky enough to see their artwork.

It was my great pleasure to design this project with the valuable guidance of the administration and staff of the RBJH and the talented design and construction company Welch Architectural Signage of Portland Maine.

Many thanks to Ozzie Nogg for the great photos !!