“I wish there will be peace in the world….”

” Shalom From Akron”- Working in Dalit’s Studio

We worked with 6th graders from the school in Regba. The students were polite, very hard-working, and lots of fun. After explaining the project, they came up with their own designs for the border to go all the way around the design. I showed them all the panels and messages from our kids  in Akron and Dalit showed them how to  break the tiles and glue them on the mesh. Janice helped everyone with everything !!! While  we worked they sang Beatles songs in perfect English!!! They incorporated lettering saying “we love you”  and peace and the Israeli flag. I made a part of the border that said ” Shalom from Akron!!! .”Also helping were Stephanie, the Israeli jewelry artist, Sharon, the glass artist from Toledo.

Tuesday ,we were allowed to tour all day !! First we stopped at a Druze village on the way to Sfat.  It was very interesting to see Arabs living quietly and peacefully in this village. Sfat was beautiful and really came to life with the explanations of our guide Elan.
They only allowed us one hour to shop !!I

Janice and I met with Stephanie’s ( the Israeli metal artist) Mother this morning to talk about the quilt. She is a  vibrant  and talented Tunisian woman who loves to do embroidery and all kinds of art. We all realized where Stephanie’s talent comes from . She welcomed us to her home,of course offering us food and drink, and we talked about how she will finish the quilt and get it ready to hang in the community center. She is going to embroider all the handmade flowers and leaves.
Ronit ( our guide) translated all the messages fromthe Israelis to share with Akron .
One girl wrote this on the quilt ” I wish there will be peace in the world and that everyone will make music, and play together everywhere with friends and girlfriends and that there will never be war and that everyone will be healthy and live in a beautiful world”

After meeting with Dalit, we finished our work in the studio and prepared supplies for the installation. Our afternoon was spent touring the Kibbutz Cabri and the Etching Center and a Sculptors Atelier.

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