It’s a local call

Dalit is so strong and fearless. She does all of her installations herself. Ronit helped us prepare the wall with mastic and then we fit together  all the pieces of the mosaic which included 12 panels from our students from Akron. Dena ( artist from Toledo) videotaped the entire process. In about 4 hours, it was up!!! Dalit was high up on the ladder . I was safely on the ground. The size of the design is about 6 ft. by 8 ft. Lots of picture-taking, lots of ” YOFFI, YOFFI ( means pretty)” ” WOW”

Even the Mayor stopped by to meet us and thank us! This was a very gratifying day for everyone. At our final meeting this afternoon, there were tears and emotion and gratitude for all the hard work by the Israeli staff and also the artists. The deputy Mayor said ” Every Jew must feel that this is your base , your home. ” He quoted from a Chinese proverb that said “once you give a flower to someone the scent stays with you.” This is a day I will never forget. A scent that will stay with me. We gave the people of Mate Asher our mosaic flowers of peace and I hope many people will be able to make a trip like this and experience the love,warmth and generosity of this land and these people. The deputy mayor ended by saying, ” Here, to talk to God , it’s a local call!

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