It’s a small, small world of Jewish Art

I was traveling by train from Nahariya to Rehovoth on Friday morning to visit my cousins. Since I was traveling alone and had to transfer in Tel Aviv, I wanted to make sure I was on the right platform. I happened to pick a lady out of the crowd to ask directions. She assured me I was in the right place and came with me on the elevator, and showed me where to put my luggage. She motioned for me to sit next to her and she began asking me about my visit. When I told her that I was an artist, she looked surprised and said she was an artist too. Her name is Adina Gatt  and she’s  a fabric artist with a studio in Nahariya and Jerusalem. I showed her some photos of my work. We couldn’t believe we both had just completed projects for the same Synagogue in New Jersey!!  We had a good time sharing stories about the project and we  promised to stay in touch. What a small world.

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