Jewish Council for the Aging of Greater Washington

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Jewish Council for the Aging

Donor Recognition Project Artist Statement

Bonnie Cohen                                                                            June 10, 2011

 “Youth is a gift of nature. Age is a work of art”.

 The Jewish Council for the Aging offers services to improve the lives of thousands of seniors in the greater Washington area. Their slogan “helping seniors thrive” describes their mission to improve every aspect of senior’s lives.  The word “vibrancy” was used to describe what JCA offers to seniors. Vibrancy became the underlying theme of the artwork that frames the generous donor’s names on the Donor Recognition Wall.

 The design is made up of three mosaic panels representing the mind, the body and the soul. These three aspects of our lives are enhanced by the numerous services offered by the JCA. The abstract figures are in motion to highlight the vibrant activities, social services, education and programming offered by JCA.

The design was created using graphic shapes and figures. Flowers, a motif used in Judaic Art through the ages, accent the three mosaic panels symbolizing love, maturity and renewal. Thousands of pieces of luminous, recycled glass in over 20 different colors make up the artwork along with handmade  tiles enhanced with 24k gold.

It is my hope that this artwork will inspire and honor past, present, and future donors who have supported this extraordinary organization. And for every senior whose life has been enhanced by the services of JCA, may this artwork be a constant reminder of the vibrancy of a life touched by JCA’s good work.

It is truly a privilege and honor to have my artwork displayed in the JCA space.

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