L’Dor V’ Dor- Generation to Generation

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pick the most  interesting person from your family history and spend a day with that person? This is the opportunity I had on this trip. My cousins took me to Kibbutz Ruhama to visit my great Uncle David. He’s the 97 year old, brother of my Grandmother. He helped  build the kibbutz after immigrating from ( Dokshitsky) Belarus in 1938 with his wife Hadassah. His mind is as sharp as a tack !! He has hearing aids and a walker now but still likes to keep busy and get out every day.  To look at him, I see mannerisms and facial features that remind me of my Grandmother and Uncle Simon. We looked at old pictures of other family members and talked about the visits my Grandmother made to the kibbutz. It was an emotional reunion for both of us. His son told me he thinks there’s something about the Dokshitsky air that made the siblings so hearty !!

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