New Work Just Completed

Ohio Percent for ART Commission

Cleveland State University

Washkewicz College of Engineering


The word connect conveys an elegantly simple but powerful call to action to engineers and all those who are interested in improving the human condition and protecting our planet.

Engineers connect with each other- sharing creativity and compassion

Engineers connect with environment-protecting and solving problems for the next generation.

Engineers connect with collaborative spirit- discovering links between art, science, humanities, technology

Engineers connect diverse communities personally, locally, and globally

From the most basic human needs for survival to the most sophisticated computer technology, engineers play an integral role in sustaining human life on this planet.

The monumental 7 letters, uniquely created worth thousands of pieces of glass and steel have been arranged using the formula for balance and beauty discovered by renaissance artists to create works of art, sculpture and architecture.

This geometric formula referred to as “the golden rectangle” is based on a set of numbers known the Fibonacci Sequence discovered over 800 years ago. This unique equation still used by Computer Science Students today helped scientists discover the powerful link between natural objects and math. This formula can be found in some of the greatest works of art and architecture, like the Mona Lisa, The Last supper, and the Parthenon.

This artwork illustrates the intersection of math, science and art with typographic imagery created with glass mosaic and American made stainless steel, a tribute to the steel industry of Cleveland, Ohio. This sense of place is further highlighted with the water imagery in the “E” representing Lake Erie and the GPS coordinates of Cleveland State University.

Thousands of pieces of recycled glass create a simple but powerful geometric design traversing the entry wall in the Engineering College and steering students from the entry doors down the corridor. The horizontal steel borders evoke a feeling of railway tracks, merging into bright colors and patterns anticipating the excitement of future transportation and energy sources.

Stop along the 75 ft pathway to get a surprising glimpse of yourself in the shards of mirror embedded in the mosaic. The artwork connects with the viewer as the viewer connects with the artwork, encouraging and inspiring action. Be inspired by words of wisdom form Stephen Hawking, Hellen Keller Albert Einstein and Yo-Yo Ma.  Run your hands across the shapes of the 3-D printed tiles made by students and decode the patterns and complexity of the hundreds of thousands of pieces that make this picture complete. Each piece is dependent on the piece next to it. A piece of glass by itself has no impact. It is only when the pieces are put together that we can complete the picture.

Steve Jobs said,” creativity is just connecting things.” The ideas illustrated in this artwork creatively connect the past and present, words and ideas and the city of Cleveland with the greater community and beyond.

Engineers improve people’s lives, one person at a time and one idea at a time. starting in this place called the Washkewicz College of Engineering.