Not the kind of papercut that hurts!

It’s a Jewish papercut for a Ketubah, a Jewish wedding contract that is signed before the wedding ceremony. This colorful, joyous design reflects the personalities and unique interests of the  wonderful bride and groom. It was created using  many layers of hand cut archival papers, handmade papers, gold leaf, acrylic paints and hand written Hebrew and English calligraphy. It is an emotional and meditative experience to create such a personal and meaningful document and this one is filled with interesting  symbolism.

This brightly colored design grew from the rich and interesting background story of this couple.  The Jerusalem imagery is featured prominently because that is where the couple met and shared their first food together ; a fig cookie which is  featured in the top right and bottom left.

They both purchased the same poster of a Klimt painting which was reproduced for their wedding invitation. The flower details from that painting are scattered across the top right. The favorite flower of the groom’s mother of blessed memory was the sunflower. The state birds of Oregon and Massachusetts   are featured to represent the bride and groom’s backgrounds.

At the bottom of the design is graphic representation of Mt. Kilamanjaro and the ocean to represent the various interesting and challenging trips the couple has taken together.

The concept of ” tikkun olam”( repairing the world)  and  the creation of a Jewish home are represented at the bottom right of the papercut ketubah.

The couple love bright colors and they collect an African folk art fabric called Kaross cloth. The background of the kaross cloth has a vibrant textured background which I tried to replicate in certain areas of the  papercut background.

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