Pavarotti, Zuchinna, and a Birthday Mosaic

My cousins took such good care of me. It was a pleasure to spend time with them and some of their kids. My cousin Erele was celebrating her birthday during my visit , so since she’s a budding mosaic artist, we spent the morning on her balcony in her well organized studio making a mosaic together. First of all, she’s a music teacher and school principal, and her parents are from Italy. She has pet Italian vegetable names for all of her children. For instance she calls her daughter Adar” Zuchinna.” She told me she does that because  her mother called her the Italian word for artichoke when she was a little girl.

So there we were, sitting on her beautiful balcony,  making a pomegranate mosaic while  she was singing along to the Pavarotti CD. It doesn’t get much better than that!

All the family stories I heard from the artists I met had roots in so many countries. Romania, Tunisia, Czechoslovakia, Russia are just a few that were mentioned. Many of the artists wove their stories into their art or their art into their stories.

Erele teaches English to Ethiopian children, calls  her children  Italian vegetable names,  lives part time in  Israel and part time in  Boston and  was brought up on a kibbutz !  Together, we pieced together a mosaic with interesting bits of stone, tile and glass from different origins and the final result was a fabulous work of art !!! No wonder mosaics are so popular in Israel.

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